The Power of Electric

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
When Google asked for submissions of a 90 second video on the benefits of plug in cars to show at a 2008 Washington DC Brookings-Google Electric Car conference, Alexandra Paul and Stefano Paris decided to rise to the challenge! With Stefano's friend Gary Winterboer, they shot this video at a local gas station using Alexandra's RAV4-EV and Stefano's EVO. Tom Hanks, who owns 2 electric cars, stopped by the gas station to buy a drink, recognized Alexandra from their Dragnet days, and watched some of the filming. The video was chosen to open up the plug in conference which was described in an October 2008 Washington Post article as follows:
Just four months ago, a conference here on electric cars drew four times as many people as expected. District fire marshals ordered some of the crowd to leave, and the atmosphere was more like that of a rock concert than an energy conference. A brief film depicted an electric car owner driving off with a beautiful woman to the strains of "The Power of Love" while her original companion struggles to pay for gasoline. The audience cheered.
This May 31st marks the 1 year anniversary of the fun "Power of Electric" videoshoot.


The Power of Electric


2008.06.11 Day 1 Plug-In Conference 1-2pm [Sources] - Alexandra Paul's "Power of Electric" - Stefano Paris's "Power of Electric" video-photoshoot archive - Stefano's archive of the 2008 Brookings-Google Plug-In Conference Webcast - Watch "Power of Electric" open the Plug-In Conference (1st Webcast hour video)

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